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Gestione utente

Software Deals introduzione

Software Deals was founded in the Czech Republic in 2016 and since the very beginning we have focused on bringing the best software products possible for amazing prices. We are dedicated to providing great service to our customers to ensure their 100% satisfaction. Our motto is ‘Same value, better price.’ and we use a 3-step verification process when obtaining used licenses to make sure that everything we sell is authentic and in perfect condition. By selling redundant licenses, we strive to minimize the wastage of unused products, so that they can still serve to someone else.

Interesting facts

  • More than 100 000 satisfied customers across Europe.
  • Annually, we save our customers more than 10 000 000 €.
  • Our e-shop won the Shop of the Year award in 2016 (a competition organized by price comparison website Heureka).

Mission and vision


Our goal is to offer the best software products at significantly lower price so that they are more widely affordable and also to minimize the unnecessary wastage of unused products.


We want to achieve this goal by getting high quality and authentic products from trusted and verified suppliers while constantly looking for ways to bring even more licenses at reasonable prices to our customers.

History of Software Deals

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